An “Attitude of Gratitude”

This is something that, I’m sure, has been the topic of multiple literature pieces – and, for good reason. The ‘little’, seemingly insignificant things in life are just so incredibly important. And, despite the number of times we’ve been reminded of this, we still forget this and take it for granted.

Today I sat and had a cup of tea with my dad in our living room. We chatted, discussing some of my school work and the rugby that was on in the background. Nearing the end of my cup of tea, I stopped for a moment where I realised how beautiful the moment was. We were both in a good mood. We were both just happy and enjoying the tea and each other’s company. How incredibly privileged am I to be able to do that?

This morning a friend texted me, asking how I was doing. But not the usual : “Hey, how’s it going?”; a serious : “How are you actually doing? I care about you”. This really got to me. A text that probably took about a minute to write, meant so much to me.

When I get home from a long day at school, the first thing I usually do is make a cup of tea or coffee and sit down at the piano to play a song or two, just to relax before I do more work. This small break is like a little getaway in my day and I love it. I have realised now how much I appreciate these short 10/15 minutes.

These three examples are three of many that I could’ve chosen to mention. And just taking the time to think about these have slightly altered my perspective on life to an ‘attitude of gratitude’, as they say. And I’m happy – happier having realised how blessed I am to have these things.

So, as a fellow human being who knows that life really sucks sometimes, I implore you: notice the small things and appreciate them. Acknowledge the things, people, places and activities in your life that make the tough times bearable and the good times great. Live with an attitude of gratitude.


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