3 Seconds to Make a Day

Have you ever wondered how many people have walked past you and thought you are beautiful? Have you ever wondered how many people have had a crush on you? Or how many have silently wished that they knew you better? How about someone thinking that they really like your outfit?

It’s a  strange but slightly uplifting thought because, guaranteed, at some point in your life, a friend, acquaintance or even a stranger has looked at you and thought something positive about you, anything from “Wow, she is beautiful” and “He’s hilarious!” to “I love those shoes! Wonder where she got them?”

Now wouldn’t it be incredible if we all voiced those positive thoughts? I, personally, would not only feel good about myself, but would probably have my day made if someone were to take three seconds out of their day to tell me they liked my outfit, or that they thought my hair looked good today. That’s all it takes – a few seconds – to encourage and uplift someone, if only a little bit.

That has become one of my goals of this year, and the rest of my life for that matter. I plan to tell people anything positive that comes to mind (tastefully, of course), because who knows what someone might be going through? That small compliment and a friendly smile could mean the world.

And, believe it or not, it not only takes nothing away from you, but adds to your day too.  There is no feeling quite like seeing a smile on someone’s face and knowing that you put it there.

So I encourage you – voice your positive thoughts and take 3 seconds to make a day…



4 thoughts on “3 Seconds to Make a Day

  1. I’ve jumped into people’s space and they mine many times. I do believe some people are cool with it. Others are a bit put off as evidenced by their body language. Not everyone knows “how” to accept a compliment or a kind word.

    In my experience, it’s best to at least make eye contact, smile, and say hello first. See how they feel. You may have already accomplished your mission.

    Personally when I’m approached, I have learned to say “thankyou,” and move on. People don’t want to be your friend, they just want to tell you something kind and or sweet, and move on too.

    Fascinating all around. Eye contact is the key piece. It can sometimes be all that’s necessary to acknowledge another human being as important.


    1. Yes. That’s a good point. I suppose I’m speaking more from my point of view from high school. At the school I’m at, I suppose it’s quite normal to acknowledge other people and to chat to others, so saying a quick compliment to someone passing you by on the passage is quite simple and well-taken usually. But I do agree with you

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      1. Oh! It’s been a while for me, but I still remember high school. I didn’t do much chatting in the halls, maybe too much contact in class.

        I remember the cafeteria being a chatty rondeveau point. Times have changed no doubt.

        Eye contact hasn’t!


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